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Modifying and prayer

Interesting how God changes us... what He uses and how.... He teaches me something new every day.
I am back into working out after a month or so break. Before that month break I worked out inconsistently for a couple months.  Before that I was on a 3 month hiatus due to morning sickness. Before that I was working out regularly but not up to the par that I used to.. I was easing back into it while recovering from an ectopic pregnancy diagnosis. So recently I decided to opt out of my intense crossfit regime and decided to focus on just moving in the convenience and privacy of my home, and the schedule I set for myself. I know when I have the best energy and I know when my kids can have down time and I know when I'm most likely to do work.
So I'm mixing up my beach body programs to find one that suits my needs right now. The best part is I can modify to exactly what my 6 month pregnant body needs right now. Without being embarrassed. Not that I should be.. but I'm always trying to be the tough girl. That doesn't work with me for my pregnancies.
I'm going to be honest, this workout effort is not so much about staying physically healthy and fit as it is about mental health. I am a huge advocate that with a regular work out routine that is tailored to your wants and needs plus relatively healthy nutrition, you can change your mental health. I know. I've been there. I AM there. The change it gives me is unsurmountable. Couple that with positive affirmations and may daily time in God's word and I am a changed woman. seriously, it's like I'm a whole new person. And when I see this change for myself which, thank God, sets in immediately when I impliment all these changes, It becomes a necessity. I can't ignore the fact that it makes it possible for me to be a more patient mom, a more loving wife, and a better contributor to the world.
I would be lying if I didn't say this process has been/is challenging and humbling. It's scary for me to work out pregnant. It's easier for me not to. But in order for me to change, my present reality had to get worse than how uncomfortable it was going to be to change.
I will never look at people the same. Someone struggling with that last push up or sprint? I'm. Proud.  Someone can't go 15 minutes in a workout but still tries again tomorrow? Astonished. Someone who is showing up day after day no matter what it feels like no matter how difficult it is to move faster or to push harder? I'm so mezmerized...
I have never had to modify workouts like this. But I've never worked out 6 months pregnant...  I've never worked out with this much weight on me  I've never worked out with so many limitations. Jump squat? Sure. In about 5 more months....
limiting my movements and my efforts? I didn't know how that felt. I didn't know that doing movements at such a modified pace could be so rewarding, could be so challenging. I feel like a Jerk for never understanding. Don't get me wrong, I was not judging the people who used plates for box jumps or who were walking instead of running, I just never fully comprehended the push they could be giving... the admirable place they were putting their minds and their bodies. Probably stretching themselves further than those who can finish the workout in the fastest time or with the most weight...
I think I kind of get that now.
So please don't give up. Or if you haven't started,  please don't be afraid to. It is a life changer. It is empowering, energizing, and will give you a new mindset. If you don't care about your health because you are too depressed? Do a quick workout for your Mental health. If you are suffering so bad from anxiety that you cannot see beyond your fear? Just move a little bit today. then try moving a little it tomorrow. then the next day. Focus on where you are When You Get there .... Know you are not alone. Know you are capable. and know you have options.


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