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Modifying and prayer

Interesting how God changes us... what He uses and how.... He teaches me something new every day. I am back into working out after a month or so break. Before that month break I worked out inconsistently for a couple months.  Before that I was on a 3 month hiatus due to morning sickness. Before that I was working out regularly but not up to the par that I used to.. I was easing back into it while recovering from an ectopic pregnancy diagnosis. So recently I decided to opt out of my intense crossfit regime and decided to focus on just moving in the convenience and privacy of my home, and the schedule I set for myself. I know when I have the best energy and I know when my kids can have down time and I know when I'm most likely to do work.
So I'm mixing up my beach body programs to find one that suits my needs right now. The best part is I can modify to exactly what my 6 month pregnant body needs right now. Without being embarrassed. Not that I should be.. but I'm always t…