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Shame. Fear.
Powerful, powerful words, and even more powerful emotions.
Mine tie in together.
For the past week shame and fear have worked together and twisted in a dance to promote havoc and emotional pain for me.
I've allowed it.
Do you now why? I have been looking at the world instead of Jesus.
I'm not saying it's a simple answer of a decision of looking up. I have a problem with anxiety that manifests it's way into every aspect of my life every. Single. Day. One problems is resolved and the next fear creeps in. I have no answers for this problem. I only have a Jesus. That loves me  that is for me  that always wants what is best for me. Always wants what is best for you. I need to remember that. So my vow is to take my life up everyday. And remember to lay it down at Christ's feet. That's a struggle. Because I'm still on edge as I write this. But I know this is a process of refinement. A process that involves me to make the decision every day to tr…