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StressFactor and Jesus

Hey guys! I completely yet another Whole30 last week. January 2015 got kicked off right. I'm going to use this blog entry to explain my triumphs and disappointment of this round of whole30 and what I'm going to do about it, because if the whole30 has taught me anything, it's that it's best to have a plan of action that I commit to. I can't be sure that my plans will follow through for life, but I can have a plan set in motion to be steady with my emotions and/or actions along the way!

Okay, guys. The Whole30. You've seen me praise it. But I will be the first to explain that it is NOT the end all be all. (The end all be all is God)
As the creators of Whole9 themselves say.. it only STARTS with food.. and according to them, there are a whole 9 factors that play the role in your overall health. I tend to agree with them. I would like to add that I would rather be healthy and whole spiritually than physically any day, but they both tend to weave together believe it or not.

Things I had hoped to cure with this Whole30:

1. Sugar Demon (nope. I still want a whole chocolate cake to myself.)
2. Acne (still there this time around.. in the past it has subsided)
3. sleep (um. no... had mild insomnia the WHOLE time.)
4. back pain (YES! my back pain is directly related to my inflammation from foods I take in.)
5.cycle woes(there was improvement. I wonder often if there would be more improvement as I went on if I stayed true to what I know as a healthy way of eating... I feel that my PMS would take a long time to heal, if it is something to heal...)
6.strength in training (Guys, I can't deny this. ever. I am stronger, faster, and recover better while eating the whole30 way..)
7. bad breath (Well this one is embarrassing, and NOT cured. what does seem to help me is brushing with a remineralizing toothpaste, using activated charcoal periodically, and oil pulling regularly)
8. Stomach (I didn't think I was looking for healing in this area, but eating whole foods and only whole foods sure does keep one regular)
9. Flat belly (I thought for sure this one would resolve. Every other whole30 has resulted in me having a flat stomach... this time, not so much. whether it was stress or sleep deprivation, too many larabars and carbs, or just not training enough, I believe the perfect storm was created not only for stress in me but a small spare tire to carry around my midsection as well. I lost my pouches in my thighs, and my butt shrank, but my body held on tight to that midsection fat.)
10. anxiety (my anxiety might be an ongoing journey. This round of whole30 left me with a LOT less anxiety. it was magical. but in return, I experienced a LOT more depression. it was a trade off I'm not sure I was grateful for)

So why do I think so many things failed? With the exception with the chronic stink I tend to carry around (Think pigpen from the peanuts) which may just be stress induced as well... I think all of these things point directly to exactly that.... stress. There is no reason to go over WHY I am stressed because, frankly, everyone's stress looks different. I have a young puppy who is full of energy. this might be non stressful to some people, but for me it is a very heavy brick that is sitting on top of a ton of other heavy bricks, weighing down, you guessed it, my aching back. I went over the things I am stressed over in my head.. and, well, none of them are very preventable. So I moved on to how I manage them. I realized I handle "stress" so much better in the summer, and instead of continuing to long for when warm weather arrives... I'll focus on the things I do during warm weather. So I use Whole9's (The creator of the whole30) list of factors as my base guidelines, added in Lysa Terkeurst's Made to crave devotional ideas, and created my own list that I want to focus on this month, along with my reintroduction and elimination process of riding your own bike after the whole30(BTW I am heartbroken to learn that my suspicions of cutting out dairy have ben confirmed)

1. Nutrition. Yes. I have known for years now that my nutrition directly effects my well being in every way. I will continue with the Whole30 "guidelines" and reintroduce things I want to figure out what I can and cannot handle. So I am being cautious and aware this month with my nutrition intake... while avoiding more backslides like yesterday's whole-tub-of-ben-and-jerrys- eating fest.

2.Sleep. Okay, so I've always struggled with this. my goal is to learn how to help myself, which not only helps my well being, effecting those around me, but I can teach my children the skills I learn, as they also have trouble with sleep. My goals for the month are to introduce natural light first thing in the morning, get my workouts in at noon or before whenever possible, and eat a well rounded breakfast to help with serotonin levels.

3. Healthy movement. This one can be tricky but is the most rewarding the fastest. With the exception of reading my bible, and being in prayer with God, this factor is probably my favorite. I'm most natural at it, and I love the hard work that goes into it. I love accomplishing something. I feel like I belong somewhere when I work out... But getting myself to the gym can be difficult some days. so my goal is 3 days in the gym, and one day of some kind of cardio at home. for now. All natural movements, as I go to a fantastic crossfit gym that balances the perfect amount of push and skill mobility and gives me room so I do not injure myself.

I've been an emotional mess all month. whether it's my mind pushing back against the giant leaps in nutritional changes or my hormones reacting to the shift, or just being female (or human) I don't know. I have been stretched beyond myself all month. I plan on continuing to stretch, as nothing grows in our comfort zones. I know 2015 will bring lots of change for me.
What is different so far in 2015 for you?
Do you have any goals?

Most of all** If I fail at all these goals, if things don't go as *I* plan, I am trusting things will go as God's plan. And that, as painful as it might get, that has to be okay with me. and THAT is my biggest goal of all. To surrender daily to Jesus Christ as my Savior and the one above all of these factors and goals and life expectancies. He is my hope.


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