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StressFactor and Jesus

Hey guys! I completely yet another Whole30 last week. January 2015 got kicked off right. I'm going to use this blog entry to explain my triumphs and disappointment of this round of whole30 and what I'm going to do about it, because if the whole30 has taught me anything, it's that it's best to have a plan of action that I commit to. I can't be sure that my plans will follow through for life, but I can have a plan set in motion to be steady with my emotions and/or actions along the way!

Okay, guys. The Whole30. You've seen me praise it. But I will be the first to explain that it is NOT the end all be all. (The end all be all is God)
As the creators of Whole9 themselves say.. it only STARTS with food.. and according to them, there are a whole 9 factors that play the role in your overall health. I tend to agree with them. I would like to add that I would rather be healthy and whole spiritually than physically any day, but they both tend to weave together believe it…