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Whole30 Day9: November 2013

 I'm not very hungry today. Or I am but my brain  doesn't want anything but sweets. I'm focusing on knowing how good whole foods are for my body and how good I feel and it's only 30 days. I think most people would question me at this point. "Why are you doing this if you're so miserable?" "Why would you deprive yourself?"
First, I'm not miserable. It is hard. But I am working through this for that very reason. So that the foods I eat (specifically the ones not beneficial to the well being of my body) do not have control over my mind. I do not HAVE to have them. They are a pleasure that we can opt for and as far as health goes, should be few and far between. 
Second, it's not deprivation. It's 30 days. Or 60. Or 90. But it's for a short period of time to reset your body and your mind and reintroduce those foods (which by the way you do not need mentally or physically ... So where is the deprivation) slowly back into your diet so that you can see how they really effect you. Knowing how your body performs on good, whole foods is one of the best things you can do for yourself. 
I have acid reflux today and yesterday. Something I have struggled with off and on in life but a symptom of switching to whole foods all the time. It should pass. Crossing fingers. I don't like it :)

I also had a post work out snack:

It was amazing. :)


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