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Whole30 Day23

Something I started undervaluing around mid month: water.
For the duration of the week(and hopefully so on) I will be treating it like liquid gold. My skin is less bright & I'm dehydrated during workouts. I notice when I drink a lot of water my cravings tend to be more under control, my energy levels get higher, and my skin is less acne prone. 
So there's my sales pitch on agua. 

Today I had three premade egg muffins some decaf coffee topped with caffinated, and not too long after had some strawberries & bananas with a side of almond butter. 
Lunch involved turkey salad, a Granny Smith apple, some carrots and guac, and broccoli. 
I got super hungry early afternoon and started munching on carrots with guac. I started realizing very quickly is easily eat the rest of the guacamole and still be hungry. So I got a heaping spoonful of almond butter for myself and was satisfied. I'm getting better at this ;)
I missed my workout yesterday and keep wavering back and fourth about going tonight. I've got a sick kiddo who really just needs me and my face is breaking out agian(more like one that is giving me a fat lip and the rest already existing just shining red like billboards) it just sounds nice to stay in. And since right now I'm ok with doing anything like that I think I will. 
I also ended up having a whole bottle of kombucha today. And half a Lara bar for a pre workout. My post workout was a baby food pouch and dinner was sweet potato hash with three eggs. Then about an hour later I had carrots with guac again. I have got to be eating too much...? No? I only eat when I'm hungry... 


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