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Whole30 Day15

Pistols are my new favorite thing. They hang out beside handstands and squats, staying clear of push ups and bicycle crunches. 
I keep having weird dreams. Most of them involve me eating something off plan. Either knowingly or inadvertently. 


It's cold. I do not like the cold. Christmas wish list this year involves coffee, warm clothing, and coconut butter. :) all to warm me up.

Today Breakfast was split in two. As usual I had a hectic morning. One stop involved eggs and fruit the next stop was coffee. The next: sweet potatoes and veggies. 
At least I get all my nutrients in.  Just not in the same place. Gotta work on being more prepared. Considering an egg muffin recipe with favorite veggies and sweet potato hash.....
Lunch = 
I finished off the rest of my guac with some more carrot sticks not much later because I realized I was still crazy hungry. 
Then a spoonful of almond butter... 
.... Then. Lara bar because at the time it was the only real option around me. 
Super hungry today. 
And dinner! I took a picture but it didn't actually take and I didn't know until afterwards. 
Two soft boiled eggs. Two eggs Benedict. Hollandaise sauce made with ghee from the against all grain cookbook, and green pepper, onion, tomato, and a little sweet potato sautéed in coconut oil. I def had a smallish spoonful of coconut butter afterwards. I finally figured out my egg limit. 3 1/2. But I also had eaten everything else :) 

Hubby asked tonight if I was ever going to have junk food ever again. It was nice to have someone ask when usually I am the one pulling my head out of an ice cream tub, disappointed its gone... 
Tonight I feel like I don't want to go back to eating that stuff. If coconut butter and fruit or nuts or a good well rounded meal will satisfy me, I don't want to go back to sitting in bed with an ice cream container and spoon, wondering why I'm not losing that pudge, wondering why I am trying to eat my feelings, wondering why my face keeps breaking out. It's only day 15 but I don't want to go back to eating ice cream every weekend and twice during the week sometimes just because everyone else is and I'm uncomfortable with saying no thank you....
I am annoyed sometimes and feel "done" with this but I am okay with waiting to see more results and to be calm enough about it to bring in the foods I've cut out slowly, and see what the real problems are for my body. What I never want to have, what I very rarely will have, and what I am willing to eat often. 

On another note, I think I need to eat more during the day? I keep getting into my coconut butter stash in the evening, and I am going to run out and not be able to replace it! :)


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