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Whole30 day 3: November 2013

It's officially day 3, but this will be my fourth sugar free night.  Nights are the hardest for me. I want wine or chocolate so much. And I have to remind myself that my life does not depend on it. And that this will pass. And that this is why I am doing this - so I am not dependent on these substances.

I had a tough morning. I got some news I was just frustrated about, and I also had to vaguely deal with some issues from my past that I had to trudge up. So I'm sitting at work now, trying to concentrate, fight off the "sugar demon" and decide whether or not I want to put my energy into a crossfit workout this evening or wait until morning. I'm going through sugar withdrawals....that sounds silly but so far my anxiety has progressively gotten worse(It hasn't been bad since I started working out regularly) and of course my body craves it at certain times of the day when it's used to it.
I had breakfast late today. if I ever do this again I'm freezing a months worth of meals before hand. assuming I have the money.
Also, tonight I have had cookies in my face, pb&j in front of me, PB on my hand, candy in my hands, and a giant display of chocolate candy I had to walk past. Today seemed harder. 
My body feels good though. Tired in the evening but I don't feel bloated and no stomach aches. It feels like I've been doing this for a long time. Throughout the whole day I'm hot and cold. Never ever giving up. But in the morning I'm great and think I may do this longer than 30 days. As the day goes on I fluctuate from hating it and can't wait to shove my face in a giant cake to loving it and empowered by the willpower. I'm trying to remember the positive emotions :)

I'm pretty excited to wake up and drink my coffee in the morning. 
I can't wait to not be so irritated. 


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