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Whole30 Day 24

Things I'm ready to have back in my life: coconut butter.
Yeah. That's it. Weird right? I ran out of coconut butter and I want more! But I'm refraining so I don't use it as a sugar cop out. I'm hoping to have some Saturday for the Christmas party we are going to though...

Breakfast. Finally eating something besides eggs. I have come to love eggs but I think they are the cause of bloat>:(
Lunch is improvism because I don't have anything except the emergency foods here at the office or my food pouch in the car. I highly suggest having that. I use an insulated 31 lunch bag and fill it with dried fruit pouches, to go almond butter pouches, Lara bars, baby food pouches, rice cakes for the kids, sea snax, and more. 
Salmon salad was lunch. Salmon from a pouch, homemade mayo, onion and peppers and salt pepper onion salt and garlic salt. With half a Granny Smith apple and a bit more almond butter to fill in the gap(pouch was pretty small) 
Snack is a baby purée (pumpkin, sweet potato, blueberry, apple.) and sea snax. Soon after I realized I was missing a protein in said snack so I added almond butter(my only protein available at the moment) with banana and strawberry. Satiating my hunger has become like taking a breath of fresh of breath air. 
Dinner was porkchops with mushroom and cauliflower mash. 


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