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Cravings don't control me (Whole30 Day 4) Peak313 Living and Active Challenge Week 3!

Cravings Don't Control Me.

Well, not anymore. How freeing is that? This morning I woke up late and had a particularly hard time getting out of the house. Not only was I very hungry, I had not had my coffee and was stressed beyond measure. So I'm driving all the places I drive in the mornings, drop offs, errands, work, and I'm inadvertently daydreaming about sandwiches and donuts... I caught myself and while I was trying to calm myself down because - It's just a bad morning, not a bad day, and NOT a bad life - I diverted my thoughts to how the food was likely to make me feel afterwards. Which is never good. I did the same thing last night when there was ice cream in front of me. It's a challenge, and sometimes I don't believe myself, but I know the great taste of it in that moment is not worth the physical and emotional and even mental reactions I will get from eating said food. One day I will figure out what is "worth it", what I can handle in moderation, and what I never want to touch again. But for now, I am abstaining, which is completely reasonable and doable, and it is empowering to realize I don't have to do what I don't want to do... even if I want it. Fulfilling my cravings with God's truth and love instead of sweets? That's beautiful. And I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. because my comfort in times of discontent, stress, or sorrow should be Jesus Christ, not a cupcake...
My goal for the Day? Smile as much as I can... and laugh as often as possible. I don't do that nearly enough.


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