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Whole30 day 1 and peak 313 living and active challenge week 3 (late posting of a blog written on 10/13)

It's officially. I'm all in. I went to bed without sweets last night. By the grace of God and God only. Because I don't remember the last time I did that.
I even looked for cookies.
Something about the cookie container being empty (and still in the cabinet?) And the energy I finally had to clean for the first time in months made me not want to ruin the flow with junk that was going to zap my energy and mess up my even flowing mood...
So I knew I had wanted to start in the morning. But that first night without junk to eat is a huge hurdle for me. The whole week will be challenging, but I'm in. I'll be going shopping on Sunday to celebrate. Just some pants that fit or a nice sweater for the season. Pretty excited about that.
The peak 313 living and active challenge has really helped spurred this along. I have to admit that my "workouts" this past week consisted of long walks with my dog and the occasional jog/walk to wear her out. But I am accepting the…

Cravings don't control me (Whole30 Day 4) Peak313 Living and Active Challenge Week 3!

Cravings Don't Control Me.

Well, not anymore. How freeing is that? This morning I woke up late and had a particularly hard time getting out of the house. Not only was I very hungry, I had not had my coffee and was stressed beyond measure. So I'm driving all the places I drive in the mornings, drop offs, errands, work, and I'm inadvertently daydreaming about sandwiches and donuts... I caught myself and while I was trying to calm myself down because - It's just a bad morning, not a bad day, and NOT a bad life - I diverted my thoughts to how the food was likely to make me feel afterwards. Which is never good. I did the same thing last night when there was ice cream in front of me. It's a challenge, and sometimes I don't believe myself, but I know the great taste of it in that moment is not worth the physical and emotional and even mental reactions I will get from eating said food. One day I will figure out what is "worth it", what I can handle in moderat…

Welcome to my new life

This is my new life. Puppy love. Awesome kids. School work. Meal plans. Work outs. Staying home. Less fear. More trust.
I'm such a work in progress.