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New Year

To start this year I have had many goals. General goals. I don't believe in new years resolutions. 

I make goals regularly, but I have a hard time following through, as I loose heart in myself easily. I feel guilty working on myself, bettering myself, or taking time for myself. My determination this time is to stick with it all. Knowing I will have plenty of setbacks but trucking through regardless.
These setbacks have already started for me. It's only January 8th but I feel it is much further into the year, the season, life... I feel like the holidays started months ago and still haven't ended. I feel as though I will not drop a thing. I will go anywhere anyone calls and never say no. I will not slow down. I will not stop. to listen. to breathe. to really hear. see. think. 

I have been sick since after Christmas. A sinus infection I just can't seem to kick. I know I'm worn. I know I feel the pressures of life and I'm not forcing it off my back. I know I'm…