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Whole30 (November/December 2013)

I did the whole30!
Well, technically I did a whole26 but I digress.... I didn't talk about it much so I wouldn't put too much pressure on myself or self Sabatage, I did blog about it though. They are all unpublished blog entries but blogs nonetheless. They would be about the most boring blogs you have ever read in your life and I'm not about to subject you to that.  A few things I learned were 1. How much I eat when I'm not hungry. I thought I was hungry.
2. I eat emotionally way more than I thought. 3. I learned how to up together my meals
So that my body functioned well even without all the unhealthy fillersWe put in our  daily diets.  4. The amount of ailments and brain a function problems I have that are majorly effected if not caused by nutrition or lack thereof is insurmountable.
I will be doing another whole30 in January. I would never force anyone to eat a certain way and I especially wouldn't push something so intense on anyone who isn't ready but I h…

Whole30 day ?

Okay. So I officially ended my whole30 2 days ago. A few things:
 I could have been compliant that night. There was options that would have kept me on track. And, despite the beer I had for my social anxiety, I stayed on track for  the most part. My exception(besides the beer) was the dessert table. I eyed it, and even though I knew I could go without it all, I decided I was tired of saying no. And for the next couple days was a whirlwind of that exact philosophy. Everything that I had said no to that I had wanted to try or used to cope with, I tried. All at once. No restrictions. Because I'm a woman who despises restrictions. 
And I'm paying for it. 
Where am I now? Laying around with a stomach ache for finishing off an ice cream tub. Same place I was last night.  I obviously have a bad relationship with food, and The moment something upsets me I turn to the foods I'm not "supposed to" have.  So what do I do? 

Whole30 Day 25

I keep having very vivid dreams that I break the "rules" and eat a bunch of breads or something else off plan. It's disheartening. This morning the feeling from the dream is still there and I'm actually sad. This week has been hard for me not to go back to my old ways and emotionally eat. I guess I did a little but it's been with healthy foods at least.
Last night my littlest had her first Christmas program. It was absolutely adorable. Afterwards, my little family got cupcakes. I obviously opted out. 
So apparently I've stopped taking food pictures. Ok. Everything seems to be a repeat right now anyway.  Meal1: chicken with bell peppers and onion in a turkey broth.  Then some guacamole with green bell pepper and cucumber.  Meal 2: chicken chili soup  Strawberries and almond butter Clean jerky with no soy sauce.  Half a Laura bar Meal3: tacos of grassfed ground meat and chicken, bell peppers, onion and guac. And broccoli. 
Feeling frustrated with my acne. Which…

Whole30 Day 24

Things I'm ready to have back in my life: coconut butter.
Yeah. That's it. Weird right? I ran out of coconut butter and I want more! But I'm refraining so I don't use it as a sugar cop out. I'm hoping to have some Saturday for the Christmas party we are going to though...
Breakfast. Finally eating something besides eggs. I have come to love eggs but I think they are the cause of bloat>:( Lunch is improvism because I don't have anything except the emergency foods here at the office or my food pouch in the car. I highly suggest having that. I use an insulated 31 lunch bag and fill it with dried fruit pouches, to go almond butter pouches, Lara bars, baby food pouches, rice cakes for the kids, sea snax, and more.  Salmon salad was lunch. Salmon from a pouch, homemade mayo, onion and peppers and salt pepper onion salt and garlic salt. With half a Granny Smith apple and a bit more almond butter to fill in the gap(pouch was pretty small)  Snack is a baby purée (pump…

Whole30 Day23

Something I started undervaluing around mid month: water.
For the duration of the week(and hopefully so on) I will be treating it like liquid gold. My skin is less bright & I'm dehydrated during workouts. I notice when I drink a lot of water my cravings tend to be more under control, my energy levels get higher, and my skin is less acne prone.  So there's my sales pitch on agua. 
Today I had three premade egg muffins some decaf coffee topped with caffinated, and not too long after had some strawberries & bananas with a side of almond butter.  Lunch involved turkey salad, a Granny Smith apple, some carrots and guac, and broccoli.  I got super hungry early afternoon and started munching on carrots with guac. I started realizing very quickly is easily eat the rest of the guacamole and still be hungry. So I got a heaping spoonful of almond butter for myself and was satisfied. I'm getting better at this ;) I missed my workout yesterday and keep wavering back and fourth …

Whole30 Day22

One thing ill be happy about when the whole30 is done? Not paying as much money to be so analytical about my food. I can find out once and for all what I'm willing to be cheap for and what I'm not. I'm glad my cupboard of clean eats has grown and I'm grateful I'm "covered" for my last 8/9 days  I'm grateful I've cleaned up my diet and I'm grateful I've found even more recipes and tricks. I am in shock that I've come this far and I've actually beaten my sugar demon to the ground. If he ever rears his ugly head again, I know what to do. Only next time maybe it will only be a whole 7 or 15 or 20.  And can include foods I do not have issues with.  I'm really happy I did this. I have 8 more days but I feel better, my skin is clearer, and coming out of depression is so much easier. My moods aren't perfect but they're more level and I don't get nearly as much pain. If say this was a success. Ill do a real recap when I'…

Whole30 Day 21

Breakfast. A little late. But feeling accomplished that I had some premade and I like it.  Definitely a new staple.  I have a sick kid today so I will be home yet another day. (It's been a 4 day weekend with thanksgiving!)
Do you know what I'm learning today? I'm learning that my annoying moods a week before shark week are NOT food related. And that, my friends, sucks. Bad. Cutting out caffeine might help. Since I can't imagine a pleasant morning without my cup of coffee accompanying my devotionals, I'm going to purchase some decaf today to "trick" myself. Coffee is my one indulgence. But I feel the need to cut it out to check on my PMS and my acne. No better time than to start now. With ten technical days left of my whole30.  Here's to always challenging myself.... Haha.  Mid morning I had carrots and guac and berries and some banana.  Lunch was more chicken soup with avacado and half a deviled egg.  Snack of sweet potato fries an apple and when I w…

Whole30 Day20

So glad I have a commitment not to eat junk right now. I'm hungry. And emotional. Horrible combo.
Breakfast was one egg, 1/3 an avocado, bell peppers with onion, leftover turkey and berries with a small banana.  After church I was starving again but needed to run some errands so I grabbed a Lara bar and kombucha. 
Focusing on water intake today. 
I may or may not have made a few deviled eggs today. They were whole30 friendly. 
Lunch was more leftovers then a snack of a baby food pouch with squash later on.  Dinner was amazing because I just got tired of my foods. So I get elaborate 
Went for a short walk today. And prepped some egg muffins for me and the hubs :)
I feel like I'm ready to be set free into the world but logically know it'll do me good to at least get the next ten/eleven days in before I re-introduce things. I can't see wanting to go back to the way I was eating, though. Not for the way I know my body can feel look and function now.  My skin is disappointi…

Whole30 Day19

No pictures the first half or the day. My phone has been dead or MIA every time I eat. So a quick rundown:
Breakfast was two eggs and a little chipotle leftovers, some strawberries, and a third of a banana.  Post work out was a baby food pouch with squash and fruit.  Lunch was pumpkin chili.  Then I finished off my coconut butter.  A few pineapple chunks, a couple eggs, 1/3 a kombucha tea bottle, a Lara bar.... Apparently my week of intense exercising has caught up with me. I'm hungry.  Finally: dinner.  I shouldn't have so much fruit but my fresh green tipped bananas and berries were calling out my name and I wasn't getting full. So I relinquished control to my healthy craving. I figured there might be a reason I wanted them.  I miss wine. But then I'm glad I have to figure out ways to unwind without it. :) Books and baths are my friends.  My hunger. Is. Insatiable. 

Whole30 Day 17: November 2013

Thanksgiving! And I don't feel like I'm missing out on a thing. :) although I kind of miss cake still ;) Breakfast: After work out snack was a Lara bar. Lunch was pumpkin chili which does not photograph well. Snack was half of a kombucha chia seed bottle.  I was in charge of deviled eggs this thanksgiving :) woohoo. Clean mayo<3 Home:
When the coconut butter and a handful of raisins didnt satisfy me I resorted to soup. 

Whole30 Day16: November 2013

Every day I write a new number I get a little more excited. Not because its closer to being over, but knowing I've gotten this far. It's getting tough not to take random bites of food from things I'm making for other people. Not because I want it but because my brain is going to default which was taking bites and licks of leftover from the kid's - and my husband's - food. It's good I'm getting out of the habit of doing it because like I stated: I don't really want it. I'm not missing a thing by not tasting it. I know what it tastes like. Not that great.
I've finally entered the realm where breakfast does not have to be breakfast food. Pumpkin chili a friend sent me the recipe for. Everything about it is good. Coconut milk. Pumpkin. Ground turkey. Carrots even. And green peppers. So much good all in one dish. I'm in love.  (Some of the most tasty food looks the grossest) the ground meat gave me a bit of acid reflux but that's not too new…

Whole30 Day15

Pistols are my new favorite thing. They hang out beside handstands and squats, staying clear of push ups and bicycle crunches.  I keep having weird dreams. Most of them involve me eating something off plan. Either knowingly or inadvertently. 
It's cold. I do not like the cold. Christmas wish list this year involves coffee, warm clothing, and coconut butter. :) all to warm me up.

Today Breakfast was split in two. As usual I had a hectic morning. One stop involved eggs and fruit the next stop was coffee. The next: sweet potatoes and veggies.  At least I get all my nutrients in.  Just not in the same place. Gotta work on being more prepared. Considering an egg muffin recipe with favorite veggies and sweet potato hash..... Lunch =  I finished off the rest of my guac with some more carrot sticks not much later because I realized I was still crazy hungry.  Then a spoonful of almond butter...  .... Then. Lara bar because at the time it was the only real option around me.  Super h…

Whole30 Day 14: November 2013

Two weeks in. Half way. Kinda. Almost.
Regardless, I'm doing well. Feeling well that is. Kind of bored with meals due to low funds and time. But my body is reaping benefits. I may be speaking too soon but my pull towards sweet is suddenly lessened. I know I like them and I want them kind of. But I'm okay with not having them. I'm opting out of having them. I woke up pretty happy about my skin. Partially disappointed that I will have to keep sugar out of my diet for a clear skin tone but stoked I might have found a culprit.  No breakfast picture. My dog seems to be interfering with my time schedule. He's off schedule and wants everyone on his time..... I, apparently, was meant to have a mild mannered, old dog. Sigh.  Anyway, I made a frittata over the weekend with broccoli, leftover carnitas, onion and of course egg. Had a slice this am, coffee with coconut milk and a little strawberry and banana.  Snack time: Hadn't had one of these in weeks. So much yum. 

Whole30 Day13: November 2013

My biggest struggle? Eating breakfast on time. I'm thinking ill prep a permade breakfast for this week.  My skin is looking good enough in the mornings that I'm comfortable with makeup on and it's not oily like it used to be. 

But my skin changes drastically with hormones so I am waiting to celebrate. 
Breakfast:   Carnitas with two eggs veggies and salsa.  And a full plate of fruit. Because I can.  These are mini plates btw.  Coconut milk in my coffee.  Lunch looks gross but it was good. Leftover mushroom chicken spinach with bell peppers and onions stir fried with some coconut aminos and yellow mustard. A needed a new taste :)  I had a spoonful of almond butter before hand so hopefully that covered my fat until I can get some avocados.  Also: Can we talk non food? I forced myself to take a break today and it didn't involve food or tv or planning. That's a big deal. It did however, involve reading, tea, and an epsom salt bath. It is nice to breathe instead of foc…

Whole30 Day12: November 2013

Ah. Woke up feeling amazing again. Super excited for my coffee and coconut milk and had a date mid afternoon that tasted like pure gold.
Yeah. Taste buds change fast.  I am at the point where I do want to give up cuz I'm kinda bored kinda tired of keeping this up and I don't want to ever stop eating this way. For now my skin is still getting better. I definitely think there's a hormone shift going on with my body. My moods are changing. My body feels different.  But my workouts are lacking currently. I am hoping its temporary.... 

That weird looking goop in the background is leftover speghetti squash "Alfredo" from dinner the other night.  I had way more sweet potatoes than this. Is binging on sweet potatoes a "thing"? Cuz I did. I think my body needed the carbs or the calories. Because we had some sweet potatoes last night right after. Dinner as well. Just not as many.... Dinner was put off due to yet another birthday party where I ate no cake. This is…


Towels. I understand it all starting with towels. I happen to pick up the book this morning called *unglued* by lysa Terkerurst. This is my first quiet time in the morning in MONTHS... which naturally feels like a lifetime.
Back to towels: I woke up at 5:30 a.m. realizing I let my child's friend come inside and see her room. And her sisters room. Both of which are at the far in of the house, so they had to walk through the whole house to get to. I also dropped my child off with said child's mom earlier in the day and had the opportunity to show off the trash collection inside my vehicle... so here I am, at 6am, wondering when my child will be made fun of first. This will be new for her. My house is a disaster right now. It also has some interesting smells. I'm so overwhelmed I am just happy with myself when I get the dishes caught up with and that only seems possible with my husband's help. I have a replica of the leaning tower of Pisa going on in my hallway except it&…

Whole30 Day11: November 2013

The further I get in the program, the better I feel, look, and handle the challenge of staying away from the foods. Currently my mood is at its best. Relatively more patient, happier, and not much "hangry" feelings.
I like it. Sometimes I consider doing this longer. Even though I still want to eat 14 cupcakes in one sitting. Sometimes that's the reason I want to keep going. To make that self control kick in. I don't know if it ever will. But what's the harm in trying.  With some strawberries and banana. I had full fat canned coconut milk in my coffee. I presume that's a good fat for my morning.  This is tilapia, carnitas and mixed bell peppers with onion. Some clean salsa, and homemade guac. I finished up the rest the guac(which altogether equalled out 3/4 avacado) with some whole carrots.  My oldest has an after school activity on Fridays so we get home way later than normal. Today I was starving by the time her lessons even started. I had an apple, seasnax…

Whole30 Day9: November 2013

I'm not very hungry today. Or I am but my brain  doesn't want anything but sweets. I'm focusing on knowing how good whole foods are for my body and how good I feel and it's only 30 days. I think most people would question me at this point. "Why are you doing this if you're so miserable?" "Why would you deprive yourself?"
First, I'm not miserable. It is hard. But I am working through this for that very reason. So that the foods I eat (specifically the ones not beneficial to the well being of my body) do not have control over my mind. I do not HAVE to have them. They are a pleasure that we can opt for and as far as health goes, should be few and far between.  Second, it's not deprivation. It's 30 days. Or 60. Or 90. But it's for a short period of time to reset your body and your mind and reintroduce those foods (which by the way you do not need mentally or physically ... So where is the deprivation) slowly back into your diet so t…

Whole30 Day 8: November 2013

Day 8. Over a week in. Just had the most satisfying breakfast: Cooked in ghee(clarified butter.) did crossfit last night and although I prefer the morning class, it was still awesome. Also portioned out cake for the girls(my favorite kind) and do not feel crappy about not having any. Didn't miss out on anything. Didn't need it. It was hard not to kick the bowl AT THE TIME. And I do wish they had a healthier food but I am making progress ;) Also, I'm super tired today, which was supposed to be a symptom at some point towards the beginning of the program so I'm not worried. I even slept in today.... Also, acid reflux sucks. Cooking my veggies for a bit...

I'm so excited I found some whole30 condiments and snacks over the weekend.
Some of these things I already used, but most are new toys. The things I already used are things I love anyway. This whole30 thing is really in my favor ;) I sure do miss my Ben&Jerrys but I can't tell you how amazing a laraba…