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Harvest Time Partners Review

Recently My family had the awesome opportunity to review a game from Harvest Time Partners. (Disclaimer: I received this game in exchange for my honest review of the product)

Harvest Time Games are formulated to inspire conversation in families about, well... life.
According to Harvest Time's Website:
"Harvest Time Partners, Inc. is a personal and professional development company.
Harvest Time Partners, Inc. was formed over 20 years ago to provide resources to support and encourage individuals, families, and organizations to reach their full potential in an increasingly complex and uncertain world. We strive to be Trustworthy, Authentic, Relevant, Practical, and Hopeful in our efforts."

Our family reviewed the game "Face to Face, kids edition". 
The website describes the face to face games as " played with a deck of 96 question cards that ask players questions that stimulate lively discussions on real-life issues. It helps build the critically important life skill of “Face to Face” authentic communication that is rapidly being replaced by today’s online chatter. We designed the game to encourage a high level of engagement and to reinforce principle-based decision making with the intent of developing and strengthening a person’s character. It’s the perfect conversation starter for road trips, vacations, family time, and small-group get-togethers"
I have an 8 year old who loves games and loves to discuss things(A favorite game in my house right now is asking "would you rather")  and a three year old who will chime in once in a while and loves to join the fun. I love the idea of this game because it brings up questions and situations that we may forget to talk about with the kids, we get to know each other better, and the kids get to voice their opinions without being reprimanded.

How this game played out at our house:
We sat down at our dinner table and took turns picking up a card, which had questions about real life problems from different views: kids, parents, teachers, ect...
The kids loved sitting down together and discussing and giving their opinons.
My three year old was mostly silly with her answers and her attention span did not last, so the age limit on the game(7 and up) is true in our case.
My 8 year old loved the opportunity to talk about the different scenarios and how she would deal with them. She now asks to play this game regularly.
My husband is a big fan of these games and we plan to use the adult versions of the games soon.
We did not get the opportunity to go through all 96 questions yet, but the ones we have reviewed do seem to be relevant and topics we like to discuss with our children. My kids spend quite a bit of time away from us at school and knowing they have played some of these scenarios out in their heads, figuring out the best way to deal with them before hand, makes me feel more confident about them facing new situations in life without me by their side. I love that playing this game opens up conversation and helps make talking to each other about difficult subject matter comfortable. Since we first played this game, my eight year old has already started coming to me with real situations that she is concerned with in her school.
This is a very simple, well put together game. We will be putting these games(the one we reviewed and the other games this company provides) in our game night rotation, and be playing Face to Face kid edition on road trips and vacations. I will be on the lookout for more products in the company's future, and I will be recommending them to friends and family.
The only downside? I wish there was more light hearted subjects. A little more fun topics to make laughing part of "real life" topics as well. I might end up adding some to the mix.

My oldest about to try out the other kid edition game from Harvest Time Partners: Abundant Harvest for Kids.  
For more information, here is Harvest Time Partner's links:
Harvest Time Partner's Website
Harvest Time Partner's Facebook
Harvest Time Partner's Twitter
Harvest Time Partner's YouTube


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