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Almost Meal prep Monday.

Yesterday was a day off. A very Rare day off. Because even on weekends and holidays, it never seems relaxing around here.
But Yesterday... We had no plans. We did nothing except cooked a few things and cleaned up a bit, the girls got some crafts done...
It was nice.
I am so happy to be back to reality today.
I miss my kids, but I like routine. I thrive on it, actually.

So basically today is the best day of the month for me. Sort of. My head is the clearest and most level headed today than it will be all month. My cycle takes a pretty big toll on my mental well being, and today is relieving to say the least.
A good day to eat clean, be positive, schedule, and meal plan:

I made this over the weekend. Once in a while this is what meal preps look like for me. And it never goes to any other stages. This week, however, it will evolve as finances, and inspiration hits. It will change the way it needs to for our schedule and needs.
We have an extremely busy fall season around here. Lots of birthdays, an anniversary, holidays, school, etc... , so working with what we already have is what needs to be done. 
So I looked in the cabinets and fridge and figured it out. 
True life. 
We will utilize eggs as much as possible, and might even (gasp) used some canned food in the cabinets. (Pasta anyone?) not me. I'd rather eat the same food over and over than gorge myself on pasta and bread. Believe me. I had cake and pizza over the weekend. I don't want that feeling back.... 
But I still have to eat what I have. And this is how we get creative with it. :) 


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