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And sometimes you're humbled.

Sometimes you go through life so intent on finding balance, on combating the negative... and you realize you are lacking faith and positivity in a core part of life.

God reminds you.

Sometimes in a sickness. Sometimes through praise & worship. Sometimes through an intense work out session.


You just hear yourself out loud. Complaining. and it hurts to face it. But you do. It's glaring right at you and you have no other choice but to face it. or go crazy.

So you face it. and you realize you need to take steps, real steps to combat this struggle you are having because you've learned enough to know that this is internal. This is emotional and this is mental and this is spiritual. And this one thing does not have to define you but you allow it to. So you need to fight back. not with anger, hurt, or even force, but to let go. To realize you are not the beginning and the end. That you are not the one in control. nor should you be. Whenever you try to take control do…

Meal Prep Monday.

Meal prep Mondays is back. It's true. I've been "winging it" the past few weeks and I've been pulling through most nights at the last minute. But my life is much easier when there's a plan for dinner. Preferably involving a crockpot. :)

The thing with my life is I never know how much to make. Sometimes my husband works night. Sometimes he works days. Some days he is still home for dinner. Some days he is not. It's okay. But sometimes hard to adjust to the schedule flip flops. So I have decided to make sure I'm making foods I will definitely like or they request because then the leftovers will be eaten :) also, this month I made sure to pick the cheapest protein options possible. I would prefer everything organic, grassed, ect. But that's not always in the budget. We make do with what we have.

So without further ado:

Sunday: Healthier chick fila style chicken nuggets. With some amazing Sweet potato fries and some apples and cherry tomatoes.


How I stay motivated

I have very negative tendencies. Left to my own devices I will burn the world down (mentally) with my negative thoughts and cry about it.

Motivational Quotes. Self explanatory. They can be overused. And corny. But oh so good.

Keeping positive company. This one isn't always possible. But if I keep as many positive people around to remind me of who I am, it won't effect me as much when those negative people have to say what they do. Also, I keep hope that if I hold onto my positivity, I can help other think positively eventually as well!

Lists. Every time I accomplish something new on my list I mark it off. It's a good feeling Seeing what I've achieved that day. And I'm not always wondering if I'm missing something. I can write something down and let it go, focusing on my task at hand.

Zig. I listen to motivational tapes. It's convenient and so beneficial. I used to feel stupid turning it on. Someone might hear.... and think I'm unstable. But the benefit…



It's quite the glorified word, isn't it?

But busy doesn't mean productive. And busy doesn't mean successful.

I'm typing this on a broken latop that my toddler lost keys to. I'm wondering how many times I will have to get up during this post because it just took me an hour to get bedtime done. I'm thinking about the laundry I need to finish, the counters I need to wipe down, the food I need to prep, and the sleep I need to get. I know busy.

I had the chance to slow down this past weekend. My oldest got sick and I put an abrupt halt to any activities scheduled for the weekend. And we were jam packed. That meant no fall festivals for either kid's school, no birthday parties, no play dates, no errand running.
We stayed in. We made cookies, read books, and we carved pumpkins. There was a lot of fort building, my dog became a miniature horse for my two year old, and lots of laughs. My weekend was Made up of moments I live for.

I'm so sad my old…