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Whole 30

It's been a while. But I'm back. :)
a few main things since I have been gone:
1. I found a new love.. crossfit. I go three days a week and when my husbands schedule switches up again I'll go doing kickboxing there as well.
2. I am eating whole foods regularly. but I have "binges" a lot. It's not healthy to keep a mostly whole foods diet and go crazy for multiple days eating only unhealthy things you don't even want.
3. Sugar is an addiction. But one that is possible to overcome.
4. I'm working harder, better, and I'm becoming proud of who I am.
5. it's time to break the cycle.

A while back I posted a blog post about wanting to replace cupcakes and movies with baths and books. That hasn't happened yet. What has happened, is I am working out every day. I am getting more active and telling people no when I would rather be bike riding with my family or fitting a run in between errands. It feels good. I have changed what is supplied in my house. I don't prevent my family from bringing in "junk food" but I don't bring it in myself. That' s not to say I don't go eat it half the time though... and that is where the main point of this post comes in:

I have been wanting to do a whole foods challenge. I follow a few fit blogs on instagram who are doing challenges. I am highly intrigued with the whole30 but whole9 . I looked it up yesterday and today and it's exactly how I want to eat. So why am I not? Right. no reason.

This is their description:

"We eat real food – meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, healthy oils, nuts and seeds. We choose foods that were raised, fed and grown naturally, and foods that are nutrient-dense, with lots of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals."

Um. yes.

So that's what I'm doing. Every day for the next thirty days there will be some boring descriptive or vague post here and/or on instagram about my journey. It's going to be hard. And I'm going to wine. and be proud. and I'm going to expose my emotions. Which is really. hard. for. me.

I'm going to have to be prepared. But that's okay because I've been dedicated to eating clean long enough to know how to do that. I am going to get grumpy. But the kids are back in school this week and my 7 year old is doing this with me in one week increments.

I am excited.

And scared.

But mostly excited.

Won't you join me? ;)


PS this is whole9's website link:
PPS my instagram is aliciareneebarr


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