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What I feed my belly Wednesdays

Yesterday I posted that Wednesdays would be my meal prep posting. I am thinking I will post it on Mondays instead. Because that makes more sense. 

Don't argue. 

It does. 

"Meal prep Mondays". I know you've heard it. 

Well now it will be on this blog. 

I didn't sleep well. Momisms. I also didn't work out this morning. My alarm didn't go off because my phone died. But this isn't excuse Wednesday.

Haha. Ha.....

 I will fit my workout in somewhere.

I warned you I didn't sleep well. 

On the meal prepping.

My meal plan looks like this:

when it starts out. I base it on what I have in my fridge and pantry, and I improvise when necessary.

It ends up changing a couple time before it's done and sometimes I change it up for requests from my family(which are usually normal food request I turn paleo or clean)

Sundays have turned into meal prep days. It's the most convenient day. I prep and cook as much as I can for the weekly dinners and sometimes breakfast, and lunches are leftovers.

My 2 yo has simple lunches because they have snacks as well, provided by the school, and my 7yo packs her own lunch with my supervision.

This is this weeks menu:

Sunday: Sundays are leftovers. Always leftovers. Get them out of my house! There is this song the kids like called "The Leftovers are Coming to Get You"...... basically the story of our lives.

Monday: Buffalo Chicken & Eggplant Lasagna Bomb I like crockpot meals that have the whole meal in one. no sides.

Tuesday: Tacos. Made with This Clean Eating Taco Seasoning from The Gracious Pantry The rest of the family eats them on tortillas. I eat them with lots of veggies and lots of avocado.

Wednesday: Parmesan Chicken  sans Parmesan.

Thursday: Casserole Pizza I'm trying this with ground turkey because, well, it's what I have. The end.

Friday: Fridays around these here parts are Movie nights. the rest of the family gets pizza. My dinner varies but it's basically a night off from cooking and cleaning for me. A very anticipated night off.

Saturday: BBQ Chicken with veggies and maybe Cauliflower Mash.

Breakfast this week is mostly leftovers. Although Monday was my own spin on a recipe from my Against All Grain cookbook with poached eggs, her hollandaise sauce, and leftover salmon. The kids eat scrambled eggs and bacon pretty religiously. Sometimes they add in tomatoes and a muffin my mom sends to our house. And there's fruit. Always fruit.

I'll leave out the fact that I have cereal that escapes my cabinets once in a while. We will just not talk about that one.

You may have noticed that I don't have much variety. No reason except I am limited on groceries this week. I don't discriminate against any meats. We make do with what we have. Still all looks amazing to me.

I linked you to the recipes.
Almost everything I use I Pin.

You're welcome.

&This is what my kids lunches looked like this week:

Or some kind of variation like it. 

That's really it. It's pretty simple once you get the hang of it. And once you get into a routine (which took me a couple years.. I'm a little slow) it makes life easier. When wrenches are thrown in you go with the flow because you've prepped as well as you could. Hope this helped :)


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