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Meal Prep Mondays : simple edition

My family overextended themselves trying to be nice about my cooking last week. I made them expand their taste pallets against their wills. By the end of the week, it was obvious they were crying out for normalcy in their meals...

They've actually been really good sports about this whole healthy food thing. & The more I talk to my 7 yo about why we eat this way, the more open she is to trying the different foods.

On that note : after making all these meals all week an juggling everything else I'm exhausted. Mentally. Physically? I feel like I could lift a car. Oddly. Don't underestimate me....

So I decided to make our meal plan simpler this week. Crock Pot meals and trusted favorites. With one request from my husband: A homemade pizza. Healthified. Is that a word? It is now.

So I threw together this meal plan yesterday before I went grocery shopping. But I forgot to take the meat out last night to thaw. So tonight I'll be overextending my budget(There's that word again) and grabbing something on the way home. Probably shrimp. The husband has been requesting shrimp.
Anyways, the reason you all came here:

Tuesday: Bacon and spinach stuffed chicken  with  Spaghetti-squash-curry

Wednesday: Burgers with homemade sweet potato fries. (I got grass-fed ground beef from the farmer's market this week)

Thursday: Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup (I'll make this without corn)

Friday: Paleo pizza (This will be a brand new trial and error type experiment. If you have a favorite paleo pizza recipe please post it!)

Saturday: asian-style-lemon-chicken- with cauliflower rice (This could be switched to paleo chicken fingers depending on my mood...)

Sunday: Leftovers

Breakfast will be the usual. Husband takes turkey bacon egg and cheese on English muffin and kids have eggs and meat, fruit and clean muffins. I vary. I get tired of eggs easily so if I eat them I like to change it up. They're a cheaper source of protein and this week I bought a dozen from the market. My first ever farm-fresh eggs.
Ill probably make myself an egg/bacon quiche for extra busy days. Yeah I haven't prepped much. The extent of my prepping this week was my husbands breakfast sandwiches, some boiled eggs and cut up veggies. 
I had an "off" weekend. Nutritionally it was not... "round". Mentally is was not "sound"

EDIT: I also made these AMAZING protein donuts last night for when I just HAVE to get my baked goods fix in. Lets just say I'm cured from Krispy Cream. If you aren't used to eating cleaner foods it might not be as amazing but I couldn't even tell these were healthy-ish. Even my husband enjoyed them.

These girls are genius. 

NOTE: Excuse the picture, I don't have a donut pan and they came out looking more like cookies. :)

Here's the link:


Kids lunches:
My 3 yo helped make her lunch this morning: two boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and a flavored brown rice cake. All pretty simple. My kids like simple :) that's good right?

My Week Recap:

This weekend was nice. Quiet. I finally made it to crossfit on Saturday and we took the girls to a bounce house. Sunday was more grocery shopping but I love our farmers market. It makes me happy. šŸ˜Š
We also went on a bike ride and managed to squeeze a walk in mid-week. 

As tired as I'm feeling : I feel blessed more. 



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