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Letters to me.


I woke up... on the wrong side of the bed.
I was much more calm and collected than I would have been in the past, but I was uneasy, antsy, rushed, impatient... you get the picture.

I still haven't learned how to not emotionally eat.

The good news is most junk is out of my house. Which means it is not an option.

The bad news is I pass by a million 7-11s on the way to work and my willpower is weaker on some days than others.

I had a donut. which is no big deal, right? But for me it is. Because a donut in the morning leads to, and ice cream sandwich when I get into work. Then after I eat lunch I want another ice cream sandwich. And my resolve is weak at that point. I haven't had enough water... It's just an "off" day. I know. But I don't like how I feel.



Cloudy Brain.

Live. Learn. eat bon bons. wait. no. dogon it. :)

Yesterday went well. Kind of. I came home to dinner looking like this:

But I transformed it to this:

The kids had grilled cheese. They were happy. This lifestyle isn't normal to them. still. that's okay.. I just want to give them a foundation. Knowledge on how to eat healthy and why.

It all sounds so stupid.

There's more to life.

Yes, I know.

But I am passionate about the fact that what we put into our bodies effects us SO much!
What is readily available now a days is not natural.
If we just eat what is... we are good. Our brains work right. Our bodies function well.
Add these natural, whole foods onto a regular exercise regimen and bam... you're a new person.

Eating correctly combats Depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, ADD, Low energy, and more. These are just some of the things I have personal experience with.

But all these foods that I no longer want to put into my body, at least not regularly, are addicting. It's HARD to keep them out of my diet. It's hard to crave them and resist because you know it's what is best for you. I don't have a lot of willpower when it comes to food. But I'm working on it. It's difficult to be that weirdo eating different than other people. It sucks being labeled, pointed at, criticized, and even laughed at just for choosing to eat food in it's purest form.

But I feel better when I eat right.

Everyone's version of healthy is different. Mine happens to be this.

I am having an off day.

the end.


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