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I need a shower

 I'm blogging from my jeep. On an errand for work. I haven't showered today. True life: I'm a mom. 
I tried to recap my weekend yesterday in the midst of juggling food prep and my high energy joyous toddler but it got erased. 
It's okay. Revise and perfect. 
So Saturday I went to a NASCAR race with my husband. I had decided on Friday I was going to take my food thing slow. I know how to eat right but I'm pretty much an all or nothing kind of girl I was going all in or eating tons of junk. I'm cutting out one thing at a time. Yes on my way to paleo. My reasonings are for another blog Post. Anyway, I decided I wasn't going to worry about it while I was at a NASCAR race... Especially not while I was thing my adorable hubby who does not do the whole paleo thing. He doesn't even eat clean. Well, he eats healthyhalf the  time... But he does not share my passion about the lifestyle. 
Which is fine. 
Let me give a rundown of what I ate:
Brought snacks of flavored almonds, perky jerky, and tons of water. 
I was pretty hungry from that mornings WOD ad I had only had this: 
Steak. Veggies cooked in coconut oil. Poached eggs covered in holland aide sauce from my Against All Grain cookbook. Amazing. But I was hungry later. 

We stopped at chick fila on the way. I actually Just got a bunch of grilled chicken nuggets and a bowl of
Fruit. Not because I was restricting. Because its what I wanted to do. 

We get there and I'm already hungry. But I held off. I kept dreaming about wings. Mmmm. Wings. I thought it was my safest option. 

We get to our seats. Which were great! 
My favorite driver was starting at first. 

And we remembered ear plugs ;) 

So we go search for my wings and while standing in line I realize they're boneless wings. Which means they're breaded right? Ugh. No longer my safe go to. So I walk a couple stands over to enjoy some good BBQ chicken. Sans bun. I wish I could say I left the BBQ in the packet... But alas, I did not. 

It was good. 

We had a cup of dip n dots to finish up and went back to the race. 

We're the steps to get there. Great. Except that morning's WOD was tons of push presses and box jumps. Ouch. 

Drinking as much water as I did helped. A lot. I didn't drink alcohol. And it was... Interesting... To see all the very very drunk people. I guess I'm a sensitive soul because my heart hurt to see them lost or yelling....

Anyway, My driver did not win. He actually missed out on competing in the championship. & I don't want to mislead anyone. The only reason I know any of this is because my husband explained it all to me. 

Back to reality. The next day was football day and I skipped out on watching my beloved steeler sadly loose to the titans... I guess you could say I'm pretty dedicated to my food prep right now. 

My fridge looks glorious.
I wouldn't change it. (Now will someone please show me how to keep my house nice and organized and spotless while keeping up this prepping that would be great!)

Irony is I did all this - then made dinner and my kids lunches and prepped dinner for the next day and I never got MY food together for the next day. I tend to do that... So this morning I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off as per usual, grab some leftovers for lunch, throw lettuce in a Tupperware bowl, and some berries in a small container and leave. Wrestling in my mind where ill get breakfast. 

I remembered panerabread has a hidden menu. Google it. Do it. For the good of all humanity.

It's perfect. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my breakfast. (Isn't it beautiful?) 

So here I am, cutting out grains and doing much better than I was a week ago. 

I'm on a low budget for now. My posts will be boring. But I want to record my journey to prove to me and others what goes on with food and our bodies. I'm feeling great by the way. Upping my water intake has made me feel incredibly clean, as well. 
My goal is to balance hormones, help my acne, help my moods, anxiety, and energy levels. I also want to know if this is the kind of lifestyle I want for my kids. They are moderately eating paleo. But I don't want to enforce anything if I can't back it up yet... 

Do you have specific eying guidelines for you family? How do you avoid all the junk that gets offered to you or your kids? 


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