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I did it

A couple nights ago  I completed Day one of the cleaning challenge, and my sink looks great! Fly lady promised to have my smiling like crazy and it does make me smile. I was surprised.

There's a glass cup stopping up my sink. We don't have a sink plug. Our drain is too big. No excuses. :)

I wish I took a "before" picture. Oh well. Trust me that it is much prettier now. :)
Tonight's challenge starts the beginning of some new positive habits so I'm excited for that. Baby steps. 
I also went to kickboxing that night.

It's not something I get to regularly do because of my husbands work schedule and class schedule conflicts so it was nice. It's a late class so I woke up too late today for crossfit but I popped in an insanity DVD and only missed the last few minutes due to a yelling tollder. I'm feeling good. 

This was my breakfast Yesterday:

That is a crustless egg bacon onion quiche. Yes, it's green. Yes, I still ate it. It was amazing. 

Lunch I improvised. And fell in love. I had some greens and brown turkey I brought with me from home, with some veggies thrown on top. I'm not a big ground meat fan and I was worried I didn't have enough protein so I ran to the store and used their salad bar to grab some boiled eggs. I grabbed a cherry chia kombucha while I was there and viola 

Lunch is served. 

I also put stuff aside for a PWO later:

(Avocado, Veggies, and the dreaded ground turkey)

For dressing I have a concoction that I make my own. It's basically half and half grape seed  oil and balsamic vinegar with a little crushed garlic and shallot with thyme mixed in. It's really good. I just googled grapeseed oil salad dressings one day and went from there. 

I am very happy to discover my love for flavored kombucha. 

I have a sad addiction to sugar free red bull and I'm hoping this is going to be a good replacement.

What is on your plate today?


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