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True Life

Good Morning.

True Life:This is my breakfast. (occasionally)

It isn't pretty today. But it happens. I'm not upset about it. You see, I'm learning to take everything One Day At A Time. I'm also learning to look at How Far I've Come rather than How Far I Have to Go.

My donut was good. But it left me feeling less than (my best). I wouldn't change it and I'm not obsessing over it. I'm just being real. It made me think about how far I've come in these 3 short years. Not too long ago, my breakfast used to be nothing or regular red bull and some kind of candy bar. Not that I'm worried about how that made me look.  Although I care what my body looks like, I'm aware beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Plus, I more concerned about how my body Feels and Functions. It functions(and feels) best with non processed foods, very little to no grains, unprocessed meats, lots of veggies, some fresh fruit, and no processed sugars.

So a couple hours later I had a Do-Over:

Part of my body(Or was it brain?) was screaming for more processed crap but I went to the fridge at work and guess what? no processed crap was staring at me in the face. It was all healthy food I had put in there begging me to eat it.

So I did.

I felt much better and in the long run my body will look like it was designed to when it's fed the right foods and working hard every day. However that ends up, is okay with me. Because it's at my best. Not someone else's standard.

I have found that surrounding myself with good foods, good people, and good atmosphere are the best thing I can do for my health. This in return makes me a better mom, friend, and wife. And that means the world to me.


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