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Fitness Friday: Finding your Fitness.

Any Reason not to do something is an excuse.

verb: excuse; 3rd person present: excuses; past tense: excused; past participle: excused; gerund or present participle: excusing
  1. 1.
    attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify.

    "he did nothing to hide or excuse Jacob's cruelty"

    synonyms:justify, defend, condone, vindicate; More
    "such conduct can never be excused"

    • forgive (someone) for a fault or offense.

      "you must excuse my sister"

      synonyms:forgive, pardon, absolve, exonerate, acquit; More
      informallet someone off (the hook);
      "eventually she excused him"

      antonyms:punish, blame
    • overlook or forgive (a fault or offense).

      "sit down—excuse the mess"
    • (of a fact or circumstance) serve in mitigation of (a person or act).

      "his ability excuses most of his faults"
  2. 2.
    release (someone) from a duty or requirement.
It can be valid, or it can be invalid. I am a strong believer in ignoring and rejecting excuses. I will get my workout in at any cost. I have days where I flake off but mostly, I've learned I HAVE to make exercise a priority. It's important to me. It makes me a better, more productive person. It shows my kids how to work hard, that exercising can be fun, and I explain to them it makes our bodies function better and makes us stronger.
I am a firm believer in using exercise for fighting off depression, anxiety, and stress. I struggle with all three of those. If I am consistent with my workouts these things aren't an issue for me. I highly encourage everyone to find a fitness routine that works for them. 

I personally love crossfit. Something about intense exercise, throwing weights around, and feeling knocked out flat on my back after a work out just DOES something for me.
I haven't made it into crossfit but once this week.
I have a valid excuse.
My husband works long hours. and he works a completely opposite schedule than me. We have two children that are too young to be left home alone and my crossfit gym does not have supervised child care. They do have a room older kids can go into alone and they have an MMA Cage little ones can go into, but my youngest is at an in between age that I just don't feel right putting her in the cage or in the older kids room. I would be rushing from work, to the box, missing dinner with my family, and meeting my husband who would be shuttling my kids around for my preference of exercise. If that wasn't the case, I would be shuttling them to manassas, driving over half an hour to my box, then driving over half an hour to get them back. Then tote them home. That is fine if that is what you do. But we have a crazy schedule already and I do not feel like doing that to my family. When my husband gets home before the 5 am class, I go in then. If not... I don't go right now. Not until his schedule calms down.
My point is, these "excuses" are real.
I will not let them be an excuse for me not to work out at all...
You see, I am a Beachbody coach. After my second baby was born, I felt very out of shape and started looking and asking around... I had someone introduce me to a workout DVD called Insanity. I had never seen the infomercial, I had never heard of Beachbody, and I didn't know what a coach was. But she sold me on it. 
This thing cost me a little over 100$....
I was a sinlge mom. of two kids. with a single person income. But I was serious. Or crazy. Either one works.
Because It came. I started. I fell in love.
Let me explain something that opens me up for judgement:
I had just moved back into my parents house. Me and both kids shared a basement with no doors. It was a wide open space that I had organized to look like different "rooms". I worked full time and i juggled our home life as well. So I got up at 5/6am and did these videos. Id put a blanket in front of the babies crib so she wouldn't be woke up from the light and I popped the DVD in.
I got in the best shape of my life.
from a DVD. and I never even finished the second month. imagine if I finished the second month...

I eventually started selling this DVD to friends. Without even being a coach. Without even getting a profit. Because I believed in it that much. 

I eventually decided I wanted to be a bigger part of enriching people's lives. I want to help people feel as great as I do when I accomplish my work outs. I want to inspire and encourage. It changed my life and I wanted to help others change theirs....
This is why I am a beachbody coach
I think everyone should find their own fitness. I didn't have a gym membership. I didn't want one. I couldn't afford one. Working out in the comfort of my home was my best option at the time. And sometimes still is. Maybe others feel this way. 
My goal is to one day go to school to learn as much as possible about fitness and nutrition. Become a trainer and/or nutritionist. It is truly what I am most passionate about. Until then, I research everything, absorb what is thrown my way, and encourage as much as possible. And  I take every opportunity to do anything Active: Hiking, swimming, running, biking, weight lifting, crossfit, gymnastics... the list goes on... 
 I hope you've found your fitness. Whether it is walking with your dog every day, or running marathons. I promise it will enrich your life if not change everything. 
“Exercise makes endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands.”  - Legally Blonde



  1. Love this! Such a great post :-) thanks for always inspiring me.


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