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True Life

Good Morning.

True Life:This is my breakfast. (occasionally)

It isn't pretty today. But it happens. I'm not upset about it. You see, I'm learning to take everything One Day At A Time. I'm also learning to look at How Far I've Come rather than How Far I Have to Go.

My donut was good. But it left me feeling less than (my best). I wouldn't change it and I'm not obsessing over it. I'm just being real. It made me think about how far I've come in these 3 short years. Not too long ago, my breakfast used to be nothing or regular red bull and some kind of candy bar. Not that I'm worried about how that made me look.  Although I care what my body looks like, I'm aware beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Plus, I more concerned about how my body Feels and Functions. It functions(and feels) best with non processed foods, very little to no grains, unprocessed meats, lots of veggies, some fresh fruit, and no processed sugars.

So a couple hours later I ha…

Meal Prep Mondays : simple edition

My family overextended themselves trying to be nice about my cooking last week. I made them expand their taste pallets against their wills. By the end of the week, it was obvious they were crying out for normalcy in their meals...

They've actually been really good sports about this whole healthy food thing. & The more I talk to my 7 yo about why we eat this way, the more open she is to trying the different foods.

On that note : after making all these meals all week an juggling everything else I'm exhausted. Mentally. Physically? I feel like I could lift a car. Oddly. Don't underestimate me....

So I decided to make our meal plan simpler this week. Crock Pot meals and trusted favorites. With one request from my husband: A homemade pizza. Healthified. Is that a word? It is now.

So I threw together this meal plan yesterday before I went grocery shopping. But I forgot to take the meat out last night to thaw. So tonight I'll be overextending my budget(There's that …

Fitness Friday: Finding your Fitness.

Any Reason not to do something is an excuse.

ex·cuse verb verb: excuse; 3rd person present: excuses; past tense: excused; past participle: excused; gerund or present participle: excusing ikˈskyo͞oz/ 1. attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify.
"he did nothing to hide or excuse Jacob's cruelty"
synonyms:justify, defend, condone, vindicate; More
forgive, overlook, disregard, ignore, tolerate, sanction "such conduct can never be excused"
antonyms:condemn forgive (someone) for a fault or offense.
"you must excuse my sister"
synonyms:forgive, pardon, absolve, exonerate, acquit; More
informallet someone off (the hook); formalexculpate "eventually she excused him"
antonyms:punish, blame

What I feed my belly Wednesdays

Yesterday I posted that Wednesdays would be my meal prep posting. I am thinking I will post it on Mondays instead. Because that makes more sense. 
Don't argue. 
It does. 
"Meal prep Mondays". I know you've heard it. 
Well now it will be on this blog. 
I didn't sleep well. Momisms. I also didn't work out this morning. My alarm didn't go off because my phone died. But this isn't excuse Wednesday.
Haha. Ha.....
 I will fit my workout in somewhere.
I warned you I didn't sleep well. 

On the meal prepping.

My meal plan looks like this:

when it starts out. I base it on what I have in my fridge and pantry, and I improvise when necessary.

It ends up changing a couple time before it's done and sometimes I change it up for requests from my family(which are usually normal food request I turn paleo or clean)

Sundays have turned into meal prep days. It's the most convenient day. I prep and cook as much as I can for the weekly dinners and sometimes brea…

Weekends, challenges, and food prep.

My resolve softens on weekends. I eat more junk and I let other people's schedules override my own. My guilt sets in because it's natural for me to feel bad about taking time for fitness(even if my kids are with me, which they are for weekend fit fun) This weekend I was a bit better though, and I'm proud of my progress. It wasn't as hard to get back on track after a weekend of too many "snacks" and I learn more and more every time these things happen. "Living" to me isn't about eating cupcakes, it's about bike rides and park trips with my family. together is important. adventure is important. bonding and learning are important.

Sundays are meal prep days. I plan my menu out, grocery shop, and get as much food prepped as I can. Some days I get more done than others, but at least having a PLAN helps me stay on track with my goals. Which is really to eat as healthy as possible and feel and do my best.
Every Wednesday I will post my eats.

My Fl…

Off day. But not an OFF day.

Last night I didn't sleep well.

I ate great foods all day,  had a great WOD that evening, and even made sure my sink was shining before I headed to bed. Unfortunately, in life, sometimes circumstances arise to make everything not go as perfectly planned as you'd like.

My goal is to learn to not let those throw me off track, which is what I have suspected has been happening until now.

Let me note:

I am tired from lack of sleep, and a restless sleep.I had a PB&J last night on wheat bread one of the times I woke up.I Had a very strenuous work out yesterday. I am very sore. I am bloated todayMy head is spinning. I had a frustrating morning. I could keep going. But the point of this post is honestly not to complain. It is to prove to myself and anyone else who may need it, that you don't need to use food to cope. My go-to is cupcakes, bread, ice cream, ect... and I do want those things, but I stop every time I'm about to.

I keep remembering what it feels like when I …

I did it

A couple nights ago  I completed Day one of the cleaning challenge, and my sink looks great! Fly lady promised to have my smiling like crazy and it does make me smile. I was surprised.

There's a glass cup stopping up my sink. We don't have a sink plug. Our drain is too big. No excuses. :)

I wish I took a "before" picture. Oh well. Trust me that it is much prettier now. :) Tonight's challenge starts the beginning of some new positive habits so I'm excited for that. Baby steps.  I also went to kickboxing that night.

It's not something I get to regularly do because of my husbands work schedule and class schedule conflicts so it was nice. It's a late class so I woke up too late today for crossfit but I popped in an insanity DVD and only missed the last few minutes due to a yelling tollder. I'm feeling good. 
This was my breakfast Yesterday:

That is a crustless egg bacon onion quiche. Yes, it's green. Yes, I still ate it. It was amazing. 
Lunch I i…


Our hearts are heavy today.  Praying for everyone involved in this day 12 years ago in any way shape and form.


I follow a lot of people on instagram that are part of the fitness world.

I am very impressed with a recent post of someone on my feed.

She suggested a Challenge.

Not a fitness challenge, a clean house challenge. I don't know about you, but my house is not as clean as I'd like. I prep food, I make dinners and lunches, I am out of the home 9 hours out of the day, try to fit in a very adequate amount of sleep, and I'm helping two kids get homework, baths, showers, and clean ups done, all while trying to fit in the random dance parties, laundry, dishes, and more. That's a lot. Add in cleaning my house? You must be out of your mind. But, we all know keeping our house clean is necessary. So I thought this challenge was appropriate.

The challenge is called the Baby Step Challenge and it's by the infamous Fly Lady.

I will be starting today and hope you join in, too, because we know life is about balance. As much as I focus on nutrition, we know there's more to lif…

Letters to me.


I woke up... on the wrong side of the bed.
I was much more calm and collected than I would have been in the past, but I was uneasy, antsy, rushed, impatient... you get the picture.

I still haven't learned how to not emotionally eat.

The good news is most junk is out of my house. Which means it is not an option.

The bad news is I pass by a million 7-11s on the way to work and my willpower is weaker on some days than others.

I had a donut. which is no big deal, right? But for me it is. Because a donut in the morning leads to, and ice cream sandwich when I get into work. Then after I eat lunch I want another ice cream sandwich. And my resolve is weak at that point. I haven't had enough water... It's just an "off" day. I know. But I don't like how I feel.



Cloudy Brain.

Live. Learn. eat bon bons. wait. no. dogon it. :)

Yesterday went well. Kind of. I came home to dinner looking like this:

But I transformed it to this:

The kids had grilled c…

I need a shower

I'm blogging from my jeep. On an errand for work. I haven't showered today. True life: I'm a mom. I tried to recap my weekend yesterday in the midst of juggling food prep and my high energy joyous toddler but it got erased.  It's okay. Revise and perfect.  So Saturday I went to a NASCAR race with my husband. I had decided on Friday I was going to take my food thing slow. I know how to eat right but I'm pretty much an all or nothing kind of girl I was going all in or eating tons of junk. I'm cutting out one thing at a time. Yes on my way to paleo. My reasonings are for another blog Post. Anyway, I decided I wasn't going to worry about it while I was at a NASCAR race... Especially not while I was thing my adorable hubby who does not do the whole paleo thing. He doesn't even eat clean. Well, he eats healthyhalf the  time... But he does not share my passion about the lifestyle.  Which is fine.  Let me give a rundown of what I ate: Brought snacks of flavored alm…

Failure is an event. Not a person.

Day one. and I'm done. 

I sort of expected this. that's why I blogged, FB, and instagramed that I was doing the whole30. to keep me accountable. 

But it's too strict. for my life right now.
I work full time away from home, then come home to a family that does not even like to eat clean, let alone the whole30 way, and I have a million and one things to do. I'm always exhausted. and on top of that I'm very low on money. I also do not know how to hit all the macro nutrients my body needs without eating grains. It doesn't make sense right now. 
What I can do.
Is make a promise to myself to eat only whole foods for 30 days. 
No special rules. No extra restrictions. No "ruining" it because I went to a NASCAR game with my husband and they have no clean let alone paleo foods there. 

I am not sure how interesting it would be to blog about that. But I will. an outlet is an outlet. 
I don't need a special program to follow in order to say no to those cupcak…

Whole 30

It's been a while. But I'm back. :)
a few main things since I have been gone:
1. I found a new love.. crossfit. I go three days a week and when my husbands schedule switches up again I'll go doing kickboxing there as well.
2. I am eating whole foods regularly. but I have "binges" a lot. It's not healthy to keep a mostly whole foods diet and go crazy for multiple days eating only unhealthy things you don't even want.
3. Sugar is an addiction. But one that is possible to overcome.
4. I'm working harder, better, and I'm becoming proud of who I am.
5. it's time to break the cycle.

A while back I posted a blog post about wanting to replace cupcakes and movies with baths and books. That hasn't happened yet. What has happened, is I am working out every day. I am getting more active and telling people no when I would rather be bike riding with my family or fitting a run in between errands. It feels good. I have changed what is supplied in my ho…