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Clean Eating

About two years ago I had a beautiful little baby. Her name is Sunshine. I have another child about 5 years older who is named Angel. Before you judge(shame on you) you should know these are their nicknames. They have nice normal names on their birth certificates.
I was blessed with these two wonderful girls and the body that comes with childbearing. I had Angel when I was 19 years old, and to be honest, I shrunk into a tiny version of myself after having her. I was always athletic and remotely petite, I played soccer my whole life and jumped into any other sport I could get into. But having Angel Shrunk EVERYTHING on my body. I enjoyed it. Forward 5 years later and I have Sunshine. My body did NOT bounce back the same way. I was older, not smoking, and dealing with my stress much differently at this point.
So I decided to do something about it.
I had C-sections, so I had to wait a little more time than most to get back into the world of exercising. But when it was time... I was determined. Something about being pregnant makes me appreciate the fact that I CAN workout. I had someone on my FB friends list that was doing P90x and I have heard so many beautiful things about it, I decided to inquire. He sent me towards a beachbody coach friend of his. Beachbody coach. What's that? exactly. Apparently P90x was a product of a company called Beachbody and she was a "coach" of beachbody which simply meant she could sell the stuff to me. This girl introduced to me instead, the world of Insanity. A program with No equipment. needed. I cannot stress that part enough. I could do it in my basement. and I was given a meal plan. It was perfect for me right then and there. What a beautiful world it was. I did the first month of insanity, fell in love, and haven't looked back.

Okay, that's a lie. I have looked back. Plenty of times. If in "looking back" you mean backtracking and feeling like not giving it my all that day. and I do mean that.

So I did the next logical step anyone would do and... got a gym membership. I stopped Insanity for a while, and even though my weight gain has never been too significant to the point of severely unhealthy, I know what my body functions best at and my body was NOT there. I looked in the mirror one day and was not happy. so I researched. I got a Tumblr and followed all the health and fitness blogs I could find. You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff people preach out there! Maybe you would... but I was overwhelmed. I finally came across someone who was about my build and had gotten into significantly amazing shape by ... get this.... LIFTING WEIGHTS. Yes, this was a female. I always thought weights was for boys! I. was. wrong. This girl looked ... like a girl. She was gorgeous and definitely bikini ready. She had a trainer. I .... was a single mom of two. I couldn't afford a trainer?? So I kept following her, and others I had found, and found out there were programs out there for people like me! free ones.... what??
I jumped on that. Jamie Eason is a famous fitness model who weight trains. She has a free program out there called "Live Fit" it . is. amazing. I finished the whole thing. I still swear by this program. It showed me what to do, how to do it, what to eat.. oh what to eat! In comes "how to eat". no.. not a diet. and no restriction(unless you're carb cycling.. which I don't yet). Eating the way we were meant to eat, without the added chemicals and such. I discovered clean eating. I fell in love. Even after done with the program, I ate clean(With some blips in the road).

Now comes in the tricky part:

I currently don't lift. I am boycotting my gym. As much as I love my weights, I disslike my gym more. Besides, I have my first love at home, Insanity(which really does get me into amazing shape) A P90x program, and some dumbbells. problem .. solved. I highly suggest a weight program and I highly suggest insanity. I don't think you NEED either of those to get into shape and I would never tell someone that. I just really like these ways of fitness.
Also, and I cannot stress this enough, as much as I preach that clean eating and fitness is the best thing since sliced bread (which is an oxy-moron here, but whatever) I mess up  ALOT. I stay MOSTLY on track, but I mess up regularly. I have days where I don't FEEL like steering away from non-clean food, I have weeks sometimes where I go without exercising, I am now a beachbody coach and I don't always follow my own DVDs which I paid a pretty penny for (Totally worth it and cheaper than any gym membership just saying). I get lazy and I get unmotivated and the thing that separates me from who I used to be? I don't quit. No matter how much I mess up or how I feel about it, I keep going. I think my catalyst on it was the day I realized this was it. This is the way I wanted to live my life. I was going to forgive myself when I mess up and I was going to keep going, determined to always improve myself and still love who I am RIGHT NOW. I used to be the girl who would wake up, roll out of bed (late) and grab a full sugar red bull and Reese's from 7-11 on the way to work or school. Now I am the girl that rolls out of bed(sometimes on time) and grabs a coffee from my own kitchen, and sweetens it with almond milk. I can honestly say I function, feel and look my best when I eat clean. & It's no longer about how I look, although I do care about it, it's about how I feel and who I am. I respect myself by not treating my stomach like a waste basket. Like I previously stated, it's not all sunshine and rainbows, it's HARD to turn away from the brownie in front of me, and I don't always do it.. but I am not going to stop trying to change my whole way of eating and living just because I had a rough day or a rough meal, or a rough WEEK... I still have a really hard time not eating the tub of ice cream in my fridge because I'm pissed off or depressed, or stressed about LIFE. I just caved last night. I'm still learning how to deal with emotions without FOOD. Because as much as people say they won't eat healthy because they want to fully LIVE their life, I feel the oposite, I want to eat right and not use food as a crutch because I want to LIVE my life to the fullest.
I think it's very important to know WHY you're doing this, to DECIDE you're dedicated, to COMMIT to the program, and know you're going to SUCCEED. FORGIVE yourself for setbacks, and work HARDER every day.

My reasons to be fit? for my health and well-being. being a good example for my kids. show the world being fit and healthy is not torturous and we don't have to live with junk. to be physically fit enough to enjoy life while I'm here, no matter how long it is. Plus I get depressed so easily, being physically active and eating WELL is good for my mind body and soul in every way possible.

I commend you if you read my ramblings.
God Bless :)


  1. These words, my dear Alicia, are not ramblings. They are honesty, encouragement, and inspiration. Thank you for sharing your heart with us!

  2. Thanks! I'm so glad it's encouraging in some way :)


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