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I'm not going to listen anymore.

I was working out this morning in just a sports bra. This is something I normally don't do because it tends to discourage me. I tend to think "what's the point?" "This fat on my stomach is not going to I away" and "what if most of this is extra skin and I can't get rid of it" or "what of I have damaged stomach muscle so bad it cannot be repaired"? These are all fears that make me want to not work out. All of this hard work for disappointment? Obviously I love feeling great, but how sad would I be if my stomach was never flat again?
This morning these thought popped up, but this time I got mad....

Dear ex boyfriends, current negative people, magazines and general culture:

How Dare You! How dare you make me feel like I am not beautiful! How dare you set unrealistic standards and make me think that my nose has to be shaped a certain way or my body has to curve in just the right places. How dare you photoshop girls to oblivion, presen…

Clean Eating

About two years ago I had a beautiful little baby. Her name is Sunshine. I have another child about 5 years older who is named Angel. Before you judge(shame on you) you should know these are their nicknames. They have nice normal names on their birth certificates.
I was blessed with these two wonderful girls and the body that comes with childbearing. I had Angel when I was 19 years old, and to be honest, I shrunk into a tiny version of myself after having her. I was always athletic and remotely petite, I played soccer my whole life and jumped into any other sport I could get into. But having Angel Shrunk EVERYTHING on my body. I enjoyed it. Forward 5 years later and I have Sunshine. My body did NOT bounce back the same way. I was older, not smoking, and dealing with my stress much differently at this point.
So I decided to do something about it.
I had C-sections, so I had to wait a little more time than most to get back into the world of exercising. But when it was time... I was de…