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Today I have decided to purposely smile. I decided I would release my anger and worries and most importantly the expectations I put on myself. What a huge difference that has made. In a very short matter of time. Now I realize nothing is a quick fix and its something I will battle with for a long time if not always. But It is such a relief to know there is something I can do when outside circumstances are not preventable. I have no control over some things in my life right now and rather than dwelling on them, I am choosin to be grateful for all the beautiful blessing that I have. Which turns out to be a lot. Simply breathing in fresh air and exhaling all the worries expectations and pains, I feel a million times better!
There was a beautiful prayer request answered today, so thank God for that.
Here's to me- to all of us striving every day to be a better parent, spouse, daughter, friend, and Christian. And remembering we never have to be perfect. Because God judges our heart. A…

Once a month

So I've been a slacker.




You may not know me yet but you will come to find that this is not a suprise. I have a hard time... time managing. I'm a work in progress.
So My new goal is to update once a month. Lame, I know, but I'm getting there.

So without further adou, I introduce the past month:

This month is a lot less productive than last month. That happens often, you know? I get into the flow of things and think "Hey this is great! I've finally got this... " and not a few days later things start to backfire like a 16 year old car that needs a tune up. Maybe that's what I need. Or don't need. I don't know anymore! I guess I should be clear about who I am and what my goals are.

My name is alicia and I have a negativity problem.

Yeah. I said it. I have such a HARD time not listening to the negative voices in my head. I once thought they were there to PROTECT ME, to guard my "house", to help me LEARN. Boy, was I wrong. But I&#…