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I'm not sure how people make a welcome post on a blog? But here I am. Flaws and all :)
My name is Alicia. My blog is called "Tho she be but little" Which I derived from the shakespeare quote "Though she be but little, she is fierce!!"(Midsummer night's dream) I am a very short, small 26 year old woman, and my whole life I have been called "tiny but tough". I take that as a compliment. I stand at a mere 5'2" and in my twenties I have met many people my height or shorter than me, but my height still seems to be capitalized on :) I'll take it. I'm comfortable short.

Aside from being short, I also enjoy being a mom to my two beautiful little girls. We will call them Angel and Sunshine. Angel is 7 and the sweetest girl you ever met. She will paint you a picture and let you cry on her shoulder and help you with anything that is needed. Sunshine is a firecracker. She is somethign fierce and still has a heart of gold. If she wants someth…