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Whole30 day18: November 2013

Whoa. Almost to 20. And 20 is pretty far to me. This is how my brain works.
My foods are better than ever  But I am feeling a little "fluffy".  It feels like bloat so I'm thinking ill stay back from boiled eggs and maybe even almond butter and coconut butter and excessive fruits for a few days.  I question all those as culprits.  Once again, though, it could just be a "cycle" thing.  I am woman hear me roar? So this morning I had one egg(fried) some leftover guac, thin steak, banana and strawberries and onions stir fry style in coconut oil. 

I'm on my second (smaller) cup of coffee with a mug of water in between and going to work out around noon.  I'm super excited about not missing a beat with my workouts because I didn't eat all the usual thanksgiving food guilts yesterday. This may be something I stick to. Not regularly eating this stuff is pretty nice.  But I gotta say it will be nice to make(and eat) 7 layer bars (paleo style) for Christmas thi…

Hello Fresh!

My family was recently given this great opportunity by  Mosaic Reviews to review a Hello Fresh box. To view more reviews click this link: 
The company sent us a box in return for my honest review.

Hello fresh is a company that delivers boxes of fresh food right to your doorstep. not only is this food fresh and good, but it is already put together into meals with recipe cards for you. All you have to do is cook it. Everything is clearly labeled, and seasonings, meats, veggies are all included in your shipment.
These are the three meals my family received:

Sautéed Chicken with parsnips & Carrots
Classic Beef Stew
Yogurt Marinated Shrimp

All three meals were simple to make, but they were still very nutritious and flavorful.
Anyone who reads my blog or follows me on FB or Instagram, knows that the food served regularly at my house needs to be healthy.

The only drawback for the meals for me personally is that I can't be more picky with them.…

Harvest Time Partners Review

Recently My family had the awesome opportunity to review a game from Harvest Time Partners. (Disclaimer: I received this game in exchange for my honest review of the product)

Harvest Time Games are formulated to inspire conversation in families about, well... life.
According to Harvest Time's Website:
"Harvest Time Partners, Inc. is a personal and professional development company.
Harvest Time Partners, Inc. was formed over 20 years ago to provide resources to support and encourage individuals, families, and organizations to reach their full potential in an increasingly complex and uncertain world. We strive to be Trustworthy, Authentic, Relevant, Practical, and Hopeful in our efforts."

Our family reviewed the game "Face to Face, kids edition".  The website describes the face to face games as " played with a deck of 96 question cards that ask players questions that stimulate lively discussions on real-life issues. It helps build the critically important li…

I guess I should put up the meal plan? and some thoughts.

My life changed the day I decided to stop listening to the excuses in my head and started creating reasons why it all WOULD work.
My gym times have changed from 5am(which was a mental obstacle at first) to the opposite time of day- 6:30pm. Every day I'm either at the gym or doing insanity in my basement. Every day I have reasons not to go. But every day I talk my way out of those excuses. I don't know whether or not they're valid, but I don't care anymore. My fitness journey is important to me and I do not plan to give up on myself, because in my mind, that would mean I am giving up on those around me. Now that I know how it Can Be, why would I want anything less? 

This was my Monday . Kombucha tea flavoring, the long awaited merry Larry Christmas DVD with my sick kid, cooking almost a weeks worth of food (And cleaning the dishes)during nap time, and the starting of the decaf coffee experiment. I didn't decide on the decaf until my caffeinated cup this am. Conveni…

Lets talk cauliflower

Disclaimer: I am in no way a food blogger. What I am is a busy working wife and mom on a budget, eating clean and getting my family in on the fun.... ;)  I like to blog about my discoveries, adventures, and random thoughts. This is a discovery: 
My husband does not like veggies.  When I don't mix them in with the rest of our food for dinner, he conveniently skips putting that dish on his plate.  Except cauliflower.  This man could eat cauliflower daily.  And now he will.  Because I found out how to make it a snack that he can take to work.  This is how I roast cauliflower:

This is a really simple "recipe". If you can even call it that. And all I've done is adapted the best way that works for us. 
You need:  1 cauliflower head, broken into medium sized pieces  Salt to taste and any other seasoning you want.  2 tbs of olive oil  Aluminum foil Baking sheet

Preheat oven to 450 I put my cauliflower in a plastic bag with the olive oil and about a tsp of salt.  Shake it up, and pour onto a b…

Meal Prep Monday 11/25/13

My days are a haze of dishes laundry sweeping meal prep dog poop people poop making people foods and watching people eat cake and pizza. And Ice cream.  I never realized how much junk food I was surrounded by until very recently.  But it's cool. I have coconut butter, dates, coffee and Lara bars. Life is good. :)
Sun- chicken "fingers" and sweet potato fries with mixed veg.
M- Shrimp and (leftover) chicken and "fried riced cauliflower"
T- chicken tortilla-less soup
W- breakfast for dinner - self explanatory. Easy. Cheap. Favorite.
Th- thanksgiving !! At someone else's house ;)
Fri- taco night. I have renamed pizza night taco night. Because I can. Because I'm mom. This week will be ground turkey tacos because it's the cheapest if bought in  bulk.
Sat- leftovers

Breakfast: I made myself a frittata and  hubby has breakfast sandwiches I make him. He's super picky about healthy foods and if left to his own devices lives off bagel bites and chips. Which …

Whole30: Day 10: November 2013

Double digits. Yeah buddy.
;) That was a joke. I have no enthusiasm, energy, or even much of a brain today. Yesterday I was dizzy all day, today I'm just lacking energy. Mostly mental I think. My body feels great right now. I'm still having trouble getting hungry. But then when I start eating I'm suddenly wolfing it down because I had no idea I was hungry. I guess my body is adjusting. Especially with the difference of cravings vs. hunger. My meals have been boring. They're good most of the one I just don't have a lot of time or money to make them elaborate and I just go with the flow.  (I ate my berries and bananas before I could get a picture.) also, I forgot a fat. I realized when I felt unsatisfied a couple hours later. So I had some avacado :) I also had a Lara bar pre workout cuz I had breakfast too late and wasn't hungry for lunch and didnt want to put something heavy on my stomach pre workout. Then it was only a couple hours until dinner so I only had …

Winter is here

Well, in my world it is. Our schedule has officially shifted with the weather, and my gym time has shifted with it. No more 5am workouts.  Not sure how my body will react. It's good to change things up..... Right?.... That's what I'm sticking with. I'm adapting with a holiday mindset and lots of soup. I never thought I was a soup fan until I started making my own :)

On with the show:
Sunday: shrimp fried cauliflower rice (the rest of my family sometimes has regular rice when we have this. 

Monday: carnitas with veggie and guac for toppings. over a bed of spinach. the rest of the family had tomatoes, carnitas, cheese, and tortillas.

Tuesday: chicken tortilla-less soup( well, we were going to, but turns out I need to make some chicken broth, so we're having our usual chicken spinach bacon )

Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner. - Which will be whatever breakfast item they want, as long as they keep it well rounded. A bonus: they can help! 

Thursday: chicken. bacon. Alfredo

Whole30 Day2: November 13, 2013

Day2 musings: 
Being mindful about my eats is causing me to be mindful about other things as well.  Last night sucked. I was a crab apple.  I'm staying full much longer than I thought possible.  Which means maybe sweets="hunger"? I like coffee I think I'm going to have to give coffee up eventually.  This isn't easy, and I know it will get harder, but I'm focusing on the fact that food is not my everything and I'm capable of not eating junk. Sometimes I'm just saying "only 30 days" and sometimes I am saying "I want to always do this"  It's taking out the guesswork and constant battle. "I want a donut" instead of responding to that with should I get one or why I should or shouldn't it's just "no. I'm doing the whole 30. I'm dedicated." Advil does not have the ingredients listed on the bottle.  I miss bacon (I can't find one without maple in the ingredient list)


I forgot to take a pic…

Almost Meal prep Monday.

Yesterday was a day off. A very Rare day off. Because even on weekends and holidays, it never seems relaxing around here.
But Yesterday... We had no plans. We did nothing except cooked a few things and cleaned up a bit, the girls got some crafts done...
It was nice.
I am so happy to be back to reality today.
I miss my kids, but I like routine. I thrive on it, actually.

So basically today is the best day of the month for me. Sort of. My head is the clearest and most level headed today than it will be all month. My cycle takes a pretty big toll on my mental well being, and today is relieving to say the least.
A good day to eat clean, be positive, schedule, and meal plan:

I made this over the weekend. Once in a while this is what meal preps look like for me. And it never goes to any other stages. This week, however, it will evolve as finances, and inspiration hits. It will change the way it needs to for our schedule and needs. We have an extremely busy fall season around here…

Sharing is caring

So. We have xm radio. I mostly have kept it for the kids to listen to this awesome positive kids radio show "kids place live". But xm online has a new thing (on their app as well) that is called on demand. It works The same way as it works on your tv:You can go back and listen to different shows that you missed throughout the week. "The Message" is a Christian radio station that I listen to often but I am generally more interested in harder music. Xm has a few stations like that but I like even my rock music as positive as possible. In comes a show the message has. Every Tuesday night at 11 I think they have a show called "the message amped" which is Christian hard rock! Swoon! A plus?? It's on on demand! I am not up at 10 or 11 at night and if I am it's against my will. I highly suggest checking out xm radio, kids place live, and the message amped if you like hard rock Christian music :)

Meal Prep Monday (On Wednesday?)

Northern Va is  really pretty in the fall.

Pretty cold, too, if you ask me..
I'm pretty sure that I was built for warm weather. But I figure the cold just gives me an excuse to warm up with burpees, squats, push ups, ect..

Cold weather also comes with lots of unhealthy foods. People push baked goods, candy, and sugar filled drinks onto you, trying to convice you that it's "good for the soul" or some crap like that.


It's not.

I do, however, believe in moderation and I'm not some kind of sugar natzi, so I do allow my kids to have their Halloween candy. Halloween around here is really not that big of a deal. Don't tell me kids that, though, they don't know the difference. It's just one big party to them. They dress up and go to the church's trunks of treats every year. They play games, bounce in a bouncy house and get in a line to grab a small handful of candy out of four vehicles with their trunks decorated. 

Their candy haul is very smal…

And sometimes you're humbled.

Sometimes you go through life so intent on finding balance, on combating the negative... and you realize you are lacking faith and positivity in a core part of life.

God reminds you.

Sometimes in a sickness. Sometimes through praise & worship. Sometimes through an intense work out session.


You just hear yourself out loud. Complaining. and it hurts to face it. But you do. It's glaring right at you and you have no other choice but to face it. or go crazy.

So you face it. and you realize you need to take steps, real steps to combat this struggle you are having because you've learned enough to know that this is internal. This is emotional and this is mental and this is spiritual. And this one thing does not have to define you but you allow it to. So you need to fight back. not with anger, hurt, or even force, but to let go. To realize you are not the beginning and the end. That you are not the one in control. nor should you be. Whenever you try to take control do…

Meal Prep Monday.

Meal prep Mondays is back. It's true. I've been "winging it" the past few weeks and I've been pulling through most nights at the last minute. But my life is much easier when there's a plan for dinner. Preferably involving a crockpot. :)

The thing with my life is I never know how much to make. Sometimes my husband works night. Sometimes he works days. Some days he is still home for dinner. Some days he is not. It's okay. But sometimes hard to adjust to the schedule flip flops. So I have decided to make sure I'm making foods I will definitely like or they request because then the leftovers will be eaten :) also, this month I made sure to pick the cheapest protein options possible. I would prefer everything organic, grassed, ect. But that's not always in the budget. We make do with what we have.

So without further ado:

Sunday: Healthier chick fila style chicken nuggets. With some amazing Sweet potato fries and some apples and cherry tomatoes.


How I stay motivated

I have very negative tendencies. Left to my own devices I will burn the world down (mentally) with my negative thoughts and cry about it.

Motivational Quotes. Self explanatory. They can be overused. And corny. But oh so good.

Keeping positive company. This one isn't always possible. But if I keep as many positive people around to remind me of who I am, it won't effect me as much when those negative people have to say what they do. Also, I keep hope that if I hold onto my positivity, I can help other think positively eventually as well!

Lists. Every time I accomplish something new on my list I mark it off. It's a good feeling Seeing what I've achieved that day. And I'm not always wondering if I'm missing something. I can write something down and let it go, focusing on my task at hand.

Zig. I listen to motivational tapes. It's convenient and so beneficial. I used to feel stupid turning it on. Someone might hear.... and think I'm unstable. But the benefit…



It's quite the glorified word, isn't it?

But busy doesn't mean productive. And busy doesn't mean successful.

I'm typing this on a broken latop that my toddler lost keys to. I'm wondering how many times I will have to get up during this post because it just took me an hour to get bedtime done. I'm thinking about the laundry I need to finish, the counters I need to wipe down, the food I need to prep, and the sleep I need to get. I know busy.

I had the chance to slow down this past weekend. My oldest got sick and I put an abrupt halt to any activities scheduled for the weekend. And we were jam packed. That meant no fall festivals for either kid's school, no birthday parties, no play dates, no errand running.
We stayed in. We made cookies, read books, and we carved pumpkins. There was a lot of fort building, my dog became a miniature horse for my two year old, and lots of laughs. My weekend was Made up of moments I live for.

I'm so sad my old…

True Life

Good Morning.

True Life:This is my breakfast. (occasionally)

It isn't pretty today. But it happens. I'm not upset about it. You see, I'm learning to take everything One Day At A Time. I'm also learning to look at How Far I've Come rather than How Far I Have to Go.

My donut was good. But it left me feeling less than (my best). I wouldn't change it and I'm not obsessing over it. I'm just being real. It made me think about how far I've come in these 3 short years. Not too long ago, my breakfast used to be nothing or regular red bull and some kind of candy bar. Not that I'm worried about how that made me look.  Although I care what my body looks like, I'm aware beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Plus, I more concerned about how my body Feels and Functions. It functions(and feels) best with non processed foods, very little to no grains, unprocessed meats, lots of veggies, some fresh fruit, and no processed sugars.

So a couple hours later I ha…

Meal Prep Mondays : simple edition

My family overextended themselves trying to be nice about my cooking last week. I made them expand their taste pallets against their wills. By the end of the week, it was obvious they were crying out for normalcy in their meals...

They've actually been really good sports about this whole healthy food thing. & The more I talk to my 7 yo about why we eat this way, the more open she is to trying the different foods.

On that note : after making all these meals all week an juggling everything else I'm exhausted. Mentally. Physically? I feel like I could lift a car. Oddly. Don't underestimate me....

So I decided to make our meal plan simpler this week. Crock Pot meals and trusted favorites. With one request from my husband: A homemade pizza. Healthified. Is that a word? It is now.

So I threw together this meal plan yesterday before I went grocery shopping. But I forgot to take the meat out last night to thaw. So tonight I'll be overextending my budget(There's that …

Fitness Friday: Finding your Fitness.

Any Reason not to do something is an excuse.

ex·cuse verb verb: excuse; 3rd person present: excuses; past tense: excused; past participle: excused; gerund or present participle: excusing ikˈskyo͞oz/ 1. attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify.
"he did nothing to hide or excuse Jacob's cruelty"
synonyms:justify, defend, condone, vindicate; More
forgive, overlook, disregard, ignore, tolerate, sanction "such conduct can never be excused"
antonyms:condemn forgive (someone) for a fault or offense.
"you must excuse my sister"
synonyms:forgive, pardon, absolve, exonerate, acquit; More
informallet someone off (the hook); formalexculpate "eventually she excused him"
antonyms:punish, blame

What I feed my belly Wednesdays

Yesterday I posted that Wednesdays would be my meal prep posting. I am thinking I will post it on Mondays instead. Because that makes more sense. 
Don't argue. 
It does. 
"Meal prep Mondays". I know you've heard it. 
Well now it will be on this blog. 
I didn't sleep well. Momisms. I also didn't work out this morning. My alarm didn't go off because my phone died. But this isn't excuse Wednesday.
Haha. Ha.....
 I will fit my workout in somewhere.
I warned you I didn't sleep well. 

On the meal prepping.

My meal plan looks like this:

when it starts out. I base it on what I have in my fridge and pantry, and I improvise when necessary.

It ends up changing a couple time before it's done and sometimes I change it up for requests from my family(which are usually normal food request I turn paleo or clean)

Sundays have turned into meal prep days. It's the most convenient day. I prep and cook as much as I can for the weekly dinners and sometimes brea…

Weekends, challenges, and food prep.

My resolve softens on weekends. I eat more junk and I let other people's schedules override my own. My guilt sets in because it's natural for me to feel bad about taking time for fitness(even if my kids are with me, which they are for weekend fit fun) This weekend I was a bit better though, and I'm proud of my progress. It wasn't as hard to get back on track after a weekend of too many "snacks" and I learn more and more every time these things happen. "Living" to me isn't about eating cupcakes, it's about bike rides and park trips with my family. together is important. adventure is important. bonding and learning are important.

Sundays are meal prep days. I plan my menu out, grocery shop, and get as much food prepped as I can. Some days I get more done than others, but at least having a PLAN helps me stay on track with my goals. Which is really to eat as healthy as possible and feel and do my best.
Every Wednesday I will post my eats.

My Fl…